Brand new week, same old worries

We're starting the first full October trading week and so far the headlines have been less than encouraging for risk with New Zealand seeing a fresh outbreak in virus cases and Evergrande concerns seeping back into the market.

On the latter, shares were suspended in Hong Kong and that is prompting speculation of asset sales to try and make good with the latest payment due (5 days grace period).

We'll see if there is anything else on that in the sessions to come but it'll likely keep the market on edge as we get into a bit of a tricky period for equities in general.


US futures are pointing lower and that is weighing on sentiment for the most part going into the European morning trade. The same issues surrounding the US debt ceiling, supply bottlenecks, the energy crisis, and inflation are still ever present.

That is keeping FX more guarded as well with the aussie having trimmed earlier gains slightly and the dollar keeping more mixed for the time being across the board.


That said, changes are light so there is some room to extend in the session ahead.