CFTC weekly positioning data as of the close on March 29 for forex futures

  • EUR short 64K vs. 66k short prior week
  • GBP short 40K vs. 38K short prior week.
  • JPY long 54K vs. 53K long prior week
  • CAD short 6K vs. 15k short prior week
  • CHF long 5K vs. 4K long prior week
  • AUD long 23K vs. 18K long prior week
  • NZD long 2K vs. 1K long prior week

Overall net speculative positions were little changed in the current week as of the close on business on Tuesday March 29th.

The biggest change was the CAD which trimmed short positions from 15K to 6K. The AUD saw long positions increase by 5K to 23K

The other currencies changed by 1k to 2K.

The chart below shows the EUR net position. The position is near the lowest short position going to June 2014 (note the smallest short position was 47K short during the week of February 23rd.