We had China inflation data for December out over the weekend past, CPI and PPI.

Mike posted the full run down here: China CPI Dec mm +0.5% vs +0.4% exp

This week we've got more data coming,

December new yuan loans

  • expected is 700.0bn, prior was 708.9bn (CNY amounts)

Aggregate financing, 1020.0bn.

  • expected is 1150bn, prior was 1020.0bn (CNY)

These two (New Yuan Loans and Aggregate, or Social Financing) give a guide to credit availability in China ('Aggregate financing' is the broader of the two)

We also get:

Money supply M0 y/y

  • expected is 3.5%, prior was 3.2%

Money supply M1 y/y

  • expected is 15.5%, prior was 15.7%

Money supply M2 y/y

  • expected is 13.6%, prior was 13.7%

The data is due sometime this week, there is no firm date nor time. I suspect we'll get it later in the week than sooner.