China, data for July:

  • New Yuan Loans 385.2bn (vs. expected 780.0bn and prior was 1080.0bn)
  • Aggregate Financing 273.1bn yuan (vs. 1500.0bn expected and prior was 1970.0bn)
  • Money Supply M0 5.4% y/y (vs. +5.7% expected and prior was 5.3%)
  • Money Supply M1 +6.7% y/y (vs expected 8.6% and prior was 8.9%)
  • Money Supply M2 +13.5% y/y (vs expected 14.4%, prior was 14.7)

New yuan loans, Aggregate financing … both a miss (and a good size miss) on expectations. China stocks off on the release.

Still to come from China today, due at 0530GMT, all for July:

Fixed Assets Ex Rural YTD y/y,

  • expected is 17.4%, and prior was 17.3%

Retail Sales YTD y/y

  • expected is 12.2%, prior was 12.1%

Retail Sales y/y

  • expected is 12.5%, prior was 12.4%

Industrial Production YTD y/y,

  • expected is 8.8%, prior was 8.8%

Industrial Production y/y

  • expected is 9.2%, prior was 9.2%