China December M2 money supply y/y +8.2% vs +9.1% expected

Author: Justin Low | Category: News

Latest Chinese data on money supply and loans growth released - 12 January  2018

  • New yuan loans CNY 584.4bn vs CNY 1,000.0bn expected
  • Aggregate financing CNY 1,140.0bn vs CNY 1,500.0bn expected
  • Outstanding loan growth y/y +12.0% vs +13.% expected
The growth in the M2 money supply hits a record low in the December reading.

These were the numbers that Eamonn previewed earlier on here. There is no set time for the release of the numbers - and sometimes they're released over the weekend.

Anyway, the numbers show a deceleration in credit growth - which means that China's constant rhetoric to cut down financial risks are looking like they are coming to fruition here.