China December trade balance data due at the top the hour - preview!

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

There is no firm scheduled time, but it should be around 0200 GMT

This via Nomura (bolding mine):
  • We expect export and import growth to decline in December on unfavourable base effects, which should culminate in a narrower trade surplus.


I hate t when I forget to hit 'publish .... this would have been more useful a few hours ago well in advance....
This for earlier:

Yuan terms

China trade balance for December: expected is CNY 235.2bn, prior was CNY 263.6bn

  • Exports y/y: expected is +6.7%, prior was +10.3%
  • Imports y/y: expected is +15.1%, prior was +17.7%

USD terms

China trade balance: expected is $ 37.00bn, prior was $ 40.21bn

  • Exports: expected is +10.8%, prior was +12.3%
  • Imports: expected is +15.1%, prior was +17.7%

And, also, this is due sometime in the next few days ... financing data - preview from Nomura also

  • We expect mild declines in new RMB loans and aggregate financing on seasonal factors, while M2 growth should rise modestly in December, boosted by a favourable base effect.