China March Trade Balance 194.6bn yuan

  • expected 203.65b, prior 209.50b

Exports up 18.7% y/y (yuan terms) (As I posted earlier ... exports expected to have bounced back ... there ya go)

  • expected +14.9% y/y and prior -20.6%

Imports down 1.7% y/y (yuan)

  • expected at -4.8% y/y, prior -8.0%

More via Reuters:

  • January - March oil products imports -1.9 pct y/y
  • Jan-Mar crude oil imports +13.4 pct y/y
  • Jan-Mar iron ore imports +6.5 pct y/y
  • Jan-Mar copper imports +30.1 pct y/y
  • Jan-Mar coal imports -1.2 pct y/y - customs

More from Customs comments:

  • Foreign trade still faces relatively big difficulties
  • Exports likely to gradually stabilise in Q2

Still awaiting in US dollar terms, but you get the idea.


AUD higher after the data (a little anyway)


Also, earlier from China (NDRC):

  • Q1 power consumption up 3.2% y/y
  • March Fuel consumption up 7.2% y/y