China trade balance for December: +310bn CNY (vs. expected CNY 235.2bn)

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

China trade for Santa month  

China trade balance for December: CNY 310bn surplus - via Reuters calculation, official announcement (which came hours after Reuters calculation)  is surplus of 362bn yuan  

  • expected CNY 235.2bn, prior was CNY 263.6bn
Exports +7.4% y/y, beat
  • expected +6.7%, prior was +10.3%
Imports +0.9% y/y, significant slowing
  • expected +11.8%, prior was +15.6%

(added in ... ) USD terms

China trade balance: $ 54.69bn

  • expected $37.00bn, prior was $40.21bn

  • Exports+10.9% y/y: expected +10.8%, prior was +12.3%
  • Imports +4.5% y/y: expected +15.1%, prior was +17.7%

more to come