This via HK press: China's bitcoin crackdown raises cryptocurrency demand as they move to peer-to-peer platforms

  • Bitcoin trading is booming in China
  • Despite an official clampdown on centralised exchanges,
  • Traders moving to peer-to-peer exchanges.
  • "Over-the-counter trading is booming," China's National Committee of Experts on Internet Financial Security, a government-backed research group, said in its Bitcoin OTC Report for November. "This warrants further attention."

Oh man. When Chinese officials say "This warrants further attention", you just know that means things are not looking good :-D

Here is the full South China Morning Post article for more

If you've been following along (or more likely oif you haven't, bitcoin stuff so far today - its all happening (or not, there was some trading 'temporaryily disabled')

Meanwhile, blockchained to the wheel: