China's foreign minister Wang Yi

  • US and China need to take bilateral relationship forward with wisdom and conviction
  • relations have come to a crossroads
  • mutually beneficial cooperation is the only right option for China and the US
  • both have benefited from cooperation over past 40 years
  • says higher tariffs have reduced competitiveness of US firms, farmers and manufacturers have felt mounting pressures
  • US-China trade war has inflicted losses on both sides
  • neither can move ahead without the other, opening up and integration represent the right direction
  • decoupling of US, Chinese economy is neither sensible nor realistic
  • decoupling from Chinese economy is decoupling from opportunities and the future
  • will not close door to Chinese economy; it will only open wider
  • says China is accelerating structural reforms by abolishing some investment quotas

AUD is trading lower, not sure if its these comments (timing is about right but that is not always a smoking gun)