There will be no additional break periods in China amid the virus outbreak


The Chinese commerce ministry says that the national economic and technical development zones will resume production - especially the production of emergency supplies - on the premise of sound epidemic prevention, in accordance with authorities' requirements.

I still doubt that most businesses will function as normal and surely there is still a sense of fear among the public surrounding the situation.

I mean, a normal day will include people catching a mild fever or the common cold, but what is the official protocol and reaction to all of this going to be like? In such sensitive times, it is easy to imagine people panicking or even doing crazy things to hide symptoms.

Let's also talk conjecture here. If China goes back to normal and the virus outbreak becomes more severe, what happens next? Are we going to see another lockdown period for longer than two weeks? Or is the world going to have to accept the new coronavirus as a common disease that we just have to embrace like the flu?