Data risk event for GBP pairs coming shortly at 08.30 GMT

Yes folks, it's that time again when we stand poised for some data to hopefully inject a bit of life into these quiet markets so far this morning.

After last month's stronger than expected reading BOE gov Carney was quick to play it down so I do think we'll have a muted reaction today in real terms but it's all relative given the tight ranges we're currently experiencing.

As always trade the data not what your crystal ball says.

GBPUSD currently 1.2407 with no hints of the data as yet. EURGBP 0.8538 after a look below 0.8520 earlier.

Either way I remain a GBP rally seller. Inflation will be temporary and interest rates won't be going up any time soon imho.

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Here's the forecasts:

BTW Ryan is off all week so I'll be getting all the data out as soon as I can but you might be advised to have your own calendars up on screen too.