EUR shorts -215k vs -227K prior week

Below are the net positions for non-commercial traders (i.e.speculative traders) for the week ending April 7, 2015

  • EUR shorts at 215K vs. 227K shorts prior week. Least bearish since March 17
  • CHF longs at 120 vs. 706.longs prior week.Least bullish since March 24
  • JPY shorts at 24,449 vs. 23,924 shorts prior week. Most bearish since March 24
  • GBP shorts at 34,301 vs 36,630 shorts prior week.Least bearish since March 10
  • CAD shorts at 30,019 vs. 29,618 shorts prior week.Most bearish since March 24
  • AUD shorts at 40,021 vs. 24,356 shorts prior week Most bearish since March 10

Although the EUR shorts were pared, they remain the large.

The AUD shorts made a big jump to -40K but back on March 10, they were as high as -76.8K. Nevertheless, the shorts represent the next largest short position behind the EUR