Governor Cuomo of US state New York has declared a state of emergency due to cov1 COVID-19.

The declaration allows the state to speed up the purchasing of supplies, hiring of workers to assist local health departments

  • "You know what's worse than the virus? The anxiety," Mr. Cuomo said, noting that most patients would suffer mild or no symptoms. (NYT citing the Gov.)

As of posting the number of confirmed cases in the state is 76.

Testing has been woefully inadequate right across the US, the federal administration has been tardy to respond, more concerned with the stock market than people's health

  • around 6000 tests have been administered (the US population is circa 330 million)

The US FDA said Saturday that 2.1m coronavirus tests will have been shipped to non-public labs by Monday as the response finally begins to ramp up.

US President Trump is at his resort in Florida this weekend where he will get an update.


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