Hospitalizations up. ICU patients on the rise

The Covid data in the US is trending the wrong way as the US election looms on the horizon. Some numbers according to Bloomberg:

  • New York doubled its case count over 2000. New Jersey at its highest case count since July
  • 10 other states reported records including Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Ohio
  • the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention citing for national studies predicted a probable inpatient increase of is much as 6200 daily over the next 4 weeks
  • the hospitalization count reached 39,230 of which 8178 were in the ICU units (a 2 month high)
  • the number of patients on ventilators reached 1889. That was the highest since September 10
  • 37 states are reporting increased hospitalizations
  • In Nevada where hundred supporters gathered on Sunday to see Pres. Donald Trump, the 9.1% positivity rate reached a 6 month high
  • US Covid stats for the day showed 60,426 new cases vs. 60,061 yesterday. Deaths increased by 863 vs. 513 the previous day

The good news is that deaths are not following the case count