Speaking on investor webcast

There are some headlines coming out from Doublelines Jeffrey Gundlach who is giving one of his investor webcasts.

Some headlines:

  • central-bank quantitative tightening is a headwind for US economy
  • US and global economies hanging in there, with data coming out better than people expected

Will report other comments as they trickle in.

Gundlach is more of a bond guy but will also weigh in on stocks as well. He earmarked the 2.40% level on the 10 year as a key level for the interest rates. The yield moved above the 2.40% level back in October, but stalled (on a closing basis) at 2.46%. The low since then has reached 2.3145%. The subsequent highs has had trouble at the 2.40% level. I guess it still remains a level to eye.