The economic calendar today is non-packed! Is non-packed a word?

Anyway ... not a lot to move the market, what we do have is of (very) low-tier importance:

0001GMT - UK data - BRC Shop Price Index for December

  • prior -1.7% y/y

0030GMT - Japan - Nikkei Manufacturing PMI for December (final)

  • the 'flash' was 51.9 (this was the best since January of 2016)
  • prior (November) was 51.3

0145GMT - China Consumer Sentiment for December, prior 114.9


ps. The Asian markets return in full today. Yesterday New Zealand and Japan were still on holiday but today all major FX centres are back.

The NZD slipped overnight, most of the slide coming before the results of the dairy auction. This came in well below expectations (for a small decline, we got a big decline).