Yet another light calendar day on the cards

Good day, everyone! Hope you're all doing well as we get into European trading later. The trade rhetoric continues to dominate action in trading so far today, so let's see if we'll get a continuation of that later or if the market starts to look the other way.

The trading calendar today is a light one once again so expect month-end, quarter-end, and half-year-end flows to be among the key drivers of the market.

0800 GMT - ECB's Hansson speaks at a news conference in Tallinn

Hansson will be speaking about outlook for the Eurozone and Estonia after the Estonian central bank publishes its new set of macroeconomic forecasts.

0830 GMT - UK Finance May mortgage approvals

Prior release can be found here. The data measures only a proportion of the demand in the UK housing market - those which are approved by High Street Banks in the UK. A rough gauge of sentiment in the housing market, not a major release by any means.

0900 GMT - Incoming BOE MPC member John Haskel to testify on his appointment

Haskel was appointed as an external member to the BOE at the end of last month here. He will begin his term on 1 September and will be replacing hawkish member Ian McCafferty. Haskel will be testifying on his appointment later before the Treasury Select Committee. If anything, we may get a first glimpse on his thoughts on the economy/monetary policy.

0930 GMT - BOE's Ian McCafferty speaks in London

Ironically, McCafferty is also on the agenda today as he will be speaking at the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum. He will be speaking on monetary policy with the topics covered set to be "the future of central banking", "his support for rate increases", "the importance of central bank independence", and "lessons learned from the 2008 GFC". Looking at tweets from the OMFIF, it looks like there will be a Q&A thereafter as well.

1000 GMT - UK June CBI retailing reported sales

Prior release can be found here. The readings are an indicator of short-term trends in the retail and wholesale sector of the UK economy. Low-tier data.

That's all on the agenda for the session, I wish you all the best of days ahead and as always good luck with your trading!