Little of note in terms of data releases to start the new week


Major currencies are keeping in tighter ranges so far today, after having seen the dollar weakened past some key levels at the end of trading last week.

EUR/USD is above 1.18 while GBP/USD and AUD/USD are above 1.30 and 0.72 respectively, with gold breaking a key trendline resistance from August above $1,900.

It is a partial holiday in the US today, with the bond market closed but stocks will still be trading so it may not necessarily be all too quiet.

The market is still largely focused on US stimulus talks and election odds, so expect that to continue to steal the spotlight this week.

Looking ahead, we're heading down another key Brexit stretch with the 15-16 October European Council summit in focus this week; not to forget UK PM Johnson set to outline further measures to curb the spread of the virus outbreak today as well.

That will keep the pound as one of the more interesting spots to watch this week.

The yuan was an early focus in Asia Pacific trading - after having seen the PBOC step in to curb some of the recent strength in the currency over the weekend - but things may yet be more quiet in Europe as there isn't much on the data docket to shake things up.

0600 GMT - Germany September wholesale price index

Prior release can be found here. The index measures the value of sales made by wholesalers in Germany, it provides an indication of consumption and consumer inflation.

0800 GMT - SNB total sight deposits w.e. 9 October

Your weekly check of the deposits kept at the SNB by Swiss banks. This data is a proxy for FX interventions.

That's all for the session ahead. I wish you all the best of days to come and good luck with your trading! Stay safe out there.