What's coming up on the calendar front today

Good day, everyone! Are you ready for a lock and loaded calendar day? It's all about central banks today - as we have the SNB, BOE, and ECB all coming later.

But apart from that, here's what else that's on the calendar:

0745 GMT - France November final CPI numbers

0800 GMT - France December prelim services/manufacturing PMI

0800 GMT - Spain November CPI numbers

Not anything too substantial on a day that involves the ECB. Again, these will all serve as general sentiment indicators to the Eurozone. Positive numbers here will add to the optimism, but slight miss on the numbers should not detract that optimism.

0815 GMT - Switzerland November PPI data

0830 GMT - Germany December prelim services/manufacturing PMI

0830 GMT - SNB rate decision

Markets will be focusing on the SNB rate decision here, so be mindful that there are other data points out - but they're not significant to say the least.

0900 GMT - Italy November CPI numbers

0900 GMT - Eurozone December prelim services/manufacturing PMI

0900 GMT - SNB press conference

Eurozone numbers as I mentioned should serve as sentiment indicators, will not impact the markets heavily but as I've always reminded these numbers need to be taken along with other small data points to form the bigger picture. Focus again is on the SNB press conference.

0930 GMT - UK November retail sales data

A key data point ahead of the BOE meeting, one that will show how consumers are contributing to the economy. Core retail sales y/y is expected to come in at +0.4% vs -0.3% prior.

1200 GMT - BOE rate decision, voting, asset purchase, statement

Bank of England meeting, no changes are expected. But the focus will be on the statement for clues about any potential rate hikes in the future. No presser.

1245 GMT - ECB rate decision

ECB meeting outcome, again no changes expected as well.

1330 GMT - ECB press conference

All eyes will be focused on the presser - with the Q&A likely to be the more interesting bit.

I'll put up another post with a summary of the previews for the central bank meetings. Hope you all have a pleasant day ahead, and as always, good luck with your trading!