At 2350GMT we get the 'Summary of Opinions' from the Bank of Japan for the July meeting (28-29th)

That meeting was where the bank decided to increase its easing efforts, but only a little, by increasing ETF purchases.
The 'Summary of opinions' is a new tool introduced by the BOJ this year. It comes out quite soon after each meeting and well ahead of the full minutes. Its gives us some idea of how decisions are reached. Ahead of the July meeting expectations were very high that the BOJ would do more, but the actual decision fell short of expectations. Today's summary will be pored over for reasoning.

Other data today:

  • 2350GMT - Japan - Balance of Payments Current Account for June
  • 0130GMT - Australia - ANZ Job Advertisements for July, prior +0.5%
  • 0500GMT - Japan - Economy Watchers Survey for July