Here's what's on the agenda in Asia for Monday

2350GMT from Japan, Retail Trade data for April

  • for the y/y expected -1.2%, prior -1.0%
  • and the m/m expected -0.6% & prior +1.5%

0035GMT - James Bullard, president & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is speaking in Seoul, South Korea at the BoK conference. I haven't got a topic for the speech, but I imagine it'll be something along the lines of "We'll be hiking soon, June, or July, or September, or December or maybe 2017. Yes indeed we will. Soon. Or soonish anyway. Definitely at some time. Mark my words."

0100GMT - Housing Industry Association 'New Home Saels' for April, prior +8.9%

0130GMT - Australia - Inventories and Company Profits for Q1 (these are inputs into Q1 GDP that we'll get announced from Oz later this week).

  • Inventories expected flat, prior was -0.4%
  • Company Profits expected +0.4%, prior -2.8%. Mining profits account for a large chunk of this indicator (around a quarter), and they've been falling