Due on the economic calendar today, plenty:

2301GMT - UK data, RICS house price balance for August

  • expected 0%, prior 1%

2315GMT - Guy Debelle, Reserve Bank of Australia Deputy Governor, speaking

2350GMT - Japan - International flow of securities data for the week ended September 8

0100GMT - New Zealand - ANZ COnsumer Confidence Index for September

  • prior +0.6% m/m

0100 GMT - Australia - Consumer inflation expectations survey for September, prior 4.2%

0130 GMT - Australia - Employment report for August

  • Employment Change expected +20.0K, prior +27.9K
  • Unemployment Rate expected 5.6%, prior 5.6%
  • Full Time Employment Change, prior was -20.3K
  • Part Time Employment Change, prior was +48.2K
  • Participation Rate expected 65.1%, prior was 65.1%

I'll come back on a separate post with a preview of the labour market report. but get started here: Forex technical analysis: What levels to eye through the AUD employment report

0200 GMT - China - August data for:

  • Industrial Production y/y expected 6.6%, prior was 6.4%
  • Industrial production YTD y/y expected 6.8%, prior was 6.8%
  • Fixed Assets (excluding rural) YTD y/y, expected 8.2%, prior was 8.3%
  • Retail Sales y/y, expected 10.5%, prior was 10.4%
  • Retail Sales YTD y/y, expected 10.4%, prior was 10.4%

And, I'll be back on a separate post with a preview for these also

Due later, 0400 GMT - Japan industrial production for July, the final


Also ... From China some time this week (there is no form date nor time scheduled, sometime from today through to Friday, inclusive ... usually later in the expected window):


  • New yuan loans
  • Aggregate financing
  • Money supply M0, M1 and M2

New yuan loans & Aggregate financing (AKA Total Social Financing - it's a broad measure or new credit in the economy) the focus

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