Odoxa Poll shows Macron beating Le Pen in the first

  • 1st round Macron/Le Pen 27/25.5%

  • Fillon would get knocked out with 19%

  • Juppe would win in the first with 26.5% in he replaced Fillon

There's nothing headlined about the second round.

Fillon remains in trouble as his chief campaign manager tweeted that he's stepping down. I'm not sure if this is the same fellow we reported about earlier this week.

The Euro is once again showing that it's watching the election carefully. EURUSD is up top 1.0536 and EURJPY has legged it to 120.52 from 120.10. EURGBP is UP at 0.8621 from 0.8580.

The daily Opinionway poll may be out at the top of the hour too.

The main thinking behind this run in the euro is that Juppe would hoof out Le Pen in the first, leaving Macron and Juppe to battle in the second.

As always, we take these polls with a pinch of salt but as it's the only thing tangible the market can trade on, thus we get the price moves.