Kinda quiet


No change that, it’s really quiet.

EUR/USD down at 1.2532 from the 1.2552 which greeted me first thing. BIS was seen selling circa 1.2350 early on, helping put pressure on the pairing.

Reports had buy orders clustered 1.2520/30 and we’ve only managed to get as low as 1.2527 so far.

Sell stops seen through 1.2520 and more through 1.2500. Sell orders remain clustered up at 1.2590/00 ahead of presumed 1.2600 barrier option interest.

USD/JPY sits at 78.53, to the pip where it was when I arrived.

Cable also effectively unchanged at 1.5850.

AUD/USD down at 1.0400 from early 1.0425 having been as low 1.0378. Hedge fund buying seen around the lows, providing much needed support. Hedge funds also seen selling EUR/AUD.