All very quiet really. European stocks little changed. Spain’s IBEX something of an exception, down -0.8%. Spanish govt bond yields have ticked higher. Fitch’s Riley summed it up, when he opined in a Marketnews interview that significant concerns about Spain remain.

EUR/USD effectively unchanged. Presently at 1.2722 compared to the 1.2730 which greeted me. Early reports had buy orders lined up from 1.2710 down to 1.2690 and they have contained selling pressure. Talk of sell stops gathering in the 1.2680/85 area.

USD/JPY effectively unchanged. Presently at 79,40 compared to the 79.48 which greeted me. Buy orders seen layered from 79.25 down to 79.00, sell stops below there and more through 78.90. Sell orders seen clustered 79.55/65, buy stops above there.

Cable touch lower at 1.5895 from early 1.5910. EUR/GBP steady at .8002. There was talk of LHS interest (sell interest) in the cross lined up for the 11:00 GMT fix, but it never materialised.

AUD/USD fractionally firmer at 1.0430 from early 1.0420, having been as high as 1.0439. Talk Russia has been buying aussie recently.