Cable continues to sit just under the 1.30 handle

WCRS 22-10

All eyes will be on the pound again today as Boris Johnson heads for yet another showdown in parliament with lawmakers set to vote on the second reading of the withdrawal agreement bill put forward yesterday.

It's all about parliamentary arithmetics again but as far as optimism and momentum goes, it appears that Johnson may have the numbers on his side - although the vote is expected to be extremely close (<10 votes swing on either side).

Pound traders are keeping their hopes up still as cable rests just under the 1.3000 handle as we look to begin the European morning session.

Meanwhile, the kiwi continues to keep its good form going as NZD/USD searches for a clean break above the 0.6400 handle at the moment.

The overall risk mood is slightly buoyed with the S&P 500 closed in on a new record high and breaking above the 3,000 mark overnight. Trade hopes remain a key catalyst in that regard but we'll have to see if there is any real backing to that over the coming weeks.

Looking ahead, the session should continue to revolve around Brexit and the risk mood - much like it has been over the past few sessions. As such, trading sentiment will be dictated by the ebb and flow with headlines also a key factor to watch out for.