So says an EU official.

  • Euro group open to new Greek government request
  • Would weigh more Greece aid if asked
  • Greece needs not now expected to be huge amounts (they weren’t in the first place but look what happened)
  • Greek goverment show no signs of new request
  • Unclear what happens after Greek program ends (nice to know they’ve got their finger on the pulse)

So more money for Greece is likely then, no shock there.

So how easy is it to repay money received from the troika if you successfully exit your bail out. Not very going on the comments as the official sets the scene for Ireland

  • Many procedures necessary for Ireland to repay debts
  • No decision imminent on Ireland making early repayment
  • Says there are no objections foreseen to Ireland repayment (why would there be?)
  • Early repayment is a good move for Ireland
  • There is no legal bar for early repayment to IMF