FRANKFURT (MNI) – Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker ruled out
a Greek exit from the Eurozone before the end of autumn, according to
excerpts of an interview with German television station WDR released

Asked if he would categorically rule out a Greek exit, he replied:
“Certainly not before the autumn, and still not even then.”

Juncker also told WDR that while a Greek exit could be managed by
the Eurozone, it still carried serious risks.

“From today’s perspective, it would be a manageable event. But that
does not mean it is a desirable event. Because it would carry major
risks, especially for the common people in Greece,” Juncker said.

Juncker also lamented the tone of the Eurozone debate, particularly
between Greece and Germany, and said that European integration remains a
“highly fragile story” as a result.

Many Germans “speak of Greece as if it were a people undeserving of
respect. This is not the case,” Juncker said. Meanwhile the Greek
tabloid press “treat the (German) chancellor as if she were the late
heir of the Nazis.”

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