Barnier's deputy, Sabine Weyand, comments in a tweet

She's backing Coveney's earlier message here and pouring more cold water on reports from the weekend that possible concessions could be made on the Irish border/backstop towards a Brexit deal.

The stance remains right now that the UK parliament will not approve anything on the backstop without a time limit while the EU is maintaining that only an open-ended backstop would be acceptable and anything else would not be a backstop at all.

Sentiment is that a financial services deal is looking imminent but even so, it doesn't solve this issue that the two parties are facing right now. Word is that if there isn't any sufficient progress this week, there likely won't be a Brexit summit called this month by the EU.

Markets are still proceeding with cautious optimism for now but time is wasting away. Let's see what May has to offer in parliament tomorrow.