I posted earlier on a USD payment due today.

Newswires now out with the info that the shares have been suspended from trading in HK.

Trading in the shares (stock code: 03333) of China Evergrande Group (the Company') will be halted at 9:00 a.m. today (4/10/2021). Accordingly, all structured products relating to the Company will also be halted from trading at the same time.


That payment due today, Bloomberg report that:

  • dollar note with an official due date of Oct. 3
  • issued at an initial amount of $260 million
  • by an entity called Jumbo Fortune Enterprises is guaranteed by Evergrande.
  • As the maturity was a Sunday, the effective due date is Monday.
  • five business days would be allowed if failure to pay is down to administrative and technical error


In the past 2 weeks two coupon payments were due in USD. There has been no sign these have been paid although there is a 30-day 'grace' period for these two payments.