February 2017 US trade and goods trade balance data report 4 April 2017

  • Prior -48.5bn. Revised to -48.2bn

  • Exports 0.2% vs 0.8% prior

  • Imports -1.8% vs 2.3% prior

  • Goods trade balance final -63.9bn vs -64.8bn flash. Jan -68.8bn

Exports help narrow the deficit, with the deficit with China falling by over $8bn, despite exports falling to there.

A lower deficit has got to be good for the dollar right? Not so if you look at the current price moves.

If we use China as the example, lower exports and imports suggests lower activity, irrespective of what it means for the balance. That might not be bad thing for the US economy if what's not being bought from China is being bought domestically.

US trade balance