The forex trading headlines for Asia Friday 13 December 2013

Friday the thirteenth can often be a quiet time in Asia … but not today.

Yen crosses the big movers, with USD/JPY making new highs for 2013, taking out sellers at 103.75 but stalling ahead of 103.90 (more sellers here and at 104.00). The Nikkei traded higher today, doing yen crosses no harm at all.

AUD and NZD had some good action too. The NZD/USD dropped 60 points in the early going, with no news to account for the fall. Buying at 0.8220/25 may as well not have been there at all, the price easily sliced through, dipping below 0.8200 and then bouncing 40 points.

AUD/USD dropped a little with the lower kiwi, making new lows for the run, but held ahead of 0.810 for a good bounce itself, finally finding enough sellers again around 0.8960 to halt its retrace. Little news in the AUD today either (PM Abbott’s comments (see bullets, above) ignored).

EUR, GBP and CHF were all relatively range-bound, as is often the case for us in this timezone. EUR/JPY (and other yen crosses) benefited from the weaker yen, of course.