Forex news and economic data headlines 21 October 2016



A relatively steady session as the week draws to a close but the euro continues to find some sell interest in the wake of yesterday's ECB presser.

EURUSD was on a gentle slide from the off as 1.0920 capped in Asia with option interest there notable. Breaking down through 1.0900 the pair kept going until running into fresh demand around 1.0880 but failing to get back above 1.0900.

EURGBP fell through 0.8900 to 0.8888 but then found buyers of its own which in turn sent GBPUSD down to 1.2205 from 1.2225 EURGBP rallied up through 0.8920.

USDJPY had struggled to get back up through 104.00 and that encouraged EURJPY sellers down to 112.85 keeping USDJPY on the back foot to 103.68

Oil has rallied and that's tempered USDCAD gains above 1.3250 while AUDUSD and NZDUSD have both found themselves on the back.

No data of note apart from increased UK govt borrowing so we wait to see what NA desks want to do before the week is finally consigned to history.

Canadian CPI , EU leaders summit and a couplef US Fed talking heads all in the mix.