Forex news for Asia trading Thursday 10 December 2015

That very loud booming sound you hear is the Australian employment market. For the second month in a row the jobs data came in at a huge beat ... this month's was a huge +71K compared with a loss of 10K expected. The Australian dollar was marked higher immediately, scything through 0.7250, 0.7275 and 0.7300, only halting around 0.7325. Its back under 0.7300 as I update.

Such huge back-to-back numbers raised doubts, the report detail is being questioned. The trend, though, is clear, Australian jobs growth has improved. Don't lose the forest for the trees. There is more at the bullets, above, but here it is all for easy reference:

In late NY time we got the RBNZ announcement (rate cut) ... and once more with the easy access:

Aussie and Kiwi were the big movers and shakers (milk shake in the Kiwi's case)

EUR, CHF both lost a few tics, GBP is more or less unchanged , while the yen has lost a few points against the USD and EUR here today.

The yuan (CNY) was set by the People's Bank of China at a new trend low (USD/CNY well past its August devaluation high now.

Regional equities with Shanghai closed for the lunch break:

  • Nikkei -1.3%
  • Shanghai +0.19%
  • HK -0.06%
  • ASX -1.11%

Still to come: Its Swiss National Bank decision day!

If you've read down this far, here's a bonus. Something else to worry about when the Federal Reserve hikes rates next week (its in the bullets, above, but we need easy access to worries too, right?):