Forex news for Asia trading Friday 18 September 2020

There was little of impact during the session here today, both news and data flow failed to generate much interest. An early Asia move for the USD saw currencies pop just a little higher, extending their Thursday Europe/US bounce back move. EUR/USD got just over 1.1860, cable approached 1.2990 and AUD/USD popped over 0.7330. CAD, NZD, CHF all gained a little also.

Since then rates have retraced, but GBP has turned in the biggest loss out of the lot, its nudging its session low as I post, just over 1.2940. There was nothing on the Brexit front but we did get news from the FT that the government is being urged by its science advisers to place the country into another nationwide lockdown. You'll recall PM Johnson said as recently as Wednesday (last time I heard, he may have repeated it since) that he is opposed to doing so.

USD/JPY has been quietly ticking a little higher (emphasis on little), straddling 104.85 as I update.

The People's Bank of China did not relent again today, strengthening the onshore yuan further (see bullets above). Gold, too, added a few dollars on.

Forex news for Asia tradingFriday 18September 2020