Forex news for Asia trading Monday 21 December 2015

Currency movements in Asia to open the week on Monday were fairly subdued, as they so often are.

EUR/JPY has been a notable gainer on the session at 30-40 odd points or so higher than where we left it on Friday. USD/JPY has gained as has EUR/USD, but again, the moves are subdued as as I update we are seeing some retracement.

USD/CHF and cable are little changed as is the AUD/USD. The New Zealand dollar is up maybe 30 points give or take, while gold has shone, up around 5 bucks.

The People's Bank of China strengthened the yuna at the mid point setting after 10 consecutive days of devaluation.

Regional equities as I update:

  • Nikkei -0.37%
  • Shanghai +1.80%
  • HK +0.36%
  • ASX +0.05%