Forex news for Asia trading Wednesday 27 February 2019

Silver spiked above 16USD during the session here with no apparent news breaking; stops above 16 the likely culprit. It deflated back under almost as quickly. I'm highlighting the silver move 'cause apart from that you might be wondering what the heck we've been up to during the time zone today.

Forex news for Asia trading Wednesday 27 February 2019

Currencies have generally traded subdued ranges awaiting, well, more interesting time zones I guess ;-)

There was a little consternation in futures markets. The CME had technical issues that halted trade on all Globex. It took quite some time to sort out (circa a couple of hours). Apart from silver, cash market moves were muted. CME is fully back online (as of 0345GMT).

AUD fell away a few points (in a subdued range as already mentioned) on the release of a big miss on construction data 9for Q4 2018). Components of this data will feed into the GDP result for the quarter (due March 6), leading some forecasters to trim their estimates. Of course, there are plenty of 'partials' still to come, capex data due tomorrow is one.

Data from NZ showed a big miss on the trade balance, exports miss, imports higher than expected. NZD/USD has dribbled a few points net lower also.

EUR/USD has net lost a few points in little more than a 15 point range. Cable a net loser also, down approximately 20 points from its earlier high.

The PBOC revalued the CNY a little more again today at the reference rate fixing. HK returned a negative q/q Q4 2018 GDP reading.

Still to come: