Forex news for Asia trading Tuesday 3 September 2019

The headline is today's story indeed, a stronger US dollar almost from the get-go. EUR/USD dropped under its overnight lows, as did AUD/USD and NZD/USD (there was some news on AUD, I'll come back to that). Cable slid lower, while USD/CHF continued its climb back toward parity.

SForex news for Asia trading Tuesday 3 September 2019

Yen and CAD put up a bit more of a struggle, with USD/CAD higher but not to its overnight highs. Pretty much ditto for the yen, USD/JPY managed above 106.35 but as I update has stalled there.

From Australia today we got some positive news for Q2 GDP (data due on Wednesday local time), with surging exports (oh, and a not quite so nice result for imports suffering, perhaps due to a softer economy) tipping the Balance of Payment Current Account to surplus for the first time in nearly ... wait for it ... 45 years. Exports are a continuing bright spot for the Australian economy. At the same time retail sales data for July were published, a first look at Q3 for this indicator. These showed a big miss. AUD/USD popped a little on the data but soon subsided again to fresh lows and well under 0.67 as I update. NZD/USD followed a similar pattern to the AUD.

Don't forget folks, RBA decision coming up at 0430GMT and then soon after that it'll be over to the UK for today's dose of Brexit.

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