Forex news for Asia trading for Thursday 4 February 2021

There was a slow drip of various news and data items during the session, none of which had too much impact. Check out the bullets above for these.

The Australian dollar led the strength against the USD in the first part of the session and as I post its tenaciously holding its net gain for the session while other major FX slips into the red against the dollar. There is no obvious news nor data catalyst to drive the move.

Gold has been weak on the day, its down more than 10 US dollars, and recent market darling silver is lower also.

Bitcoin posted gains above $38K but has since slipped back under.

The People's Bank of China did not inject funds (net) into the banking system today, but they did use 14-day reverse repos for the injection to balance out maturing 7-dayers which will extend liquidity over the new year holidays coming up (February 11 - 17 inclusive).

Forex news for Asia tradingfor Thursday4February 2021