Forex news for Asia trading ... With you the 4th of May be

Just a quick note of thanks to Yoda for today's sub-heading (and an FYI, dude, you're doing it wrong)


Tight ranges across much of FX today. It was a Japan holiday again today (and will be again tomorrow), which seemed to be the excuse for a lacklustre session indeed.

We had news hit that there will be a vote on healthcare in the US House of Representatives on Thursday. Yeah, we've heard that before, let's see if it plays out. The impact of the boy crying wolf again was minimal, USD/JPY ticked a few points to the better in following hours then drifted back to be little changed at all on the session.

EUR, CHF, GBP ... all are very little changed on the session.

AUD/USD slid a little further after its big overnight fall, trade data and China PMIs impacting, as did big falls in metals on Chinese commodity futures markets. A lunch time speech (Sydney time) from RBA Governor Lowe heralded a bit of a recovery for the AUD and like nearly everything else it is now little changed on the session (as I update).

NZD/USD has edged a few tics higher over the course its day. CAD, gold, oil; all have done little.

Regional equities:

  • Shanghai -0.07%
  • HK -0.53%
  • ASX -0.55%


This is not FX but will be of interest especially to UK readers:

  • The Queen's most senior aides called her entire household to an emergency meeting today.
  • Servants from royal residences across the country have been ordered to London and will be addressed this morning by the Lord Chamberlain, the most senior officer of the Royal Household, as well as Her Majesty's right-hand man, Private Secretary Sir Christopher Geidt.

Its unusual, being called at such short notice. Let's hope it isn't bad news.

Link to the Daily Mail for more