Forex news for Asia trading Monday 6 February 2017

Gold had the greatest comeback The New England Patriots had the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, from a 25-point deficit at one stage to win in the first ever Super Bowl that went to overtime. Patriot quarterback Tom Brady makes it win #5 for him, also a record (Brady was named MVP, for the fourth time in a Super Bowl ... yep, another record for the man)..

Oh yeah ... currencies...



Whether it was the Super Bowl of the New Zealand market holiday (I'll give you one guess) it was a subdued sesiion for forex here to open the week in Asia.

USD/JPY had some swings, a 40+ point range with an early high before a slide to circa 112.25 and a bounce then to straddle 112.40. Yen crosses a in general a little softer.

EUR/USD found its high early in the session and has since dribbled of just a few points. For the CHF against the USD, ditto.

Cable is barely changed on the session.

AUD and NZD, too, small ranges and little changed, but NZD the better performer of the two.

Gold ticked higher for the session, up a handful of dollars, while oil is up a little also.

Regional equities:

  • Nikkei -0.10%
  • Shanghai +0.47%
  • HK +0.64%
  • ASX -0.12%

Still to come: Join me tomorrow for the RBA Februa Monetary Policy Announcement and accompanying Statement ... previews: