Forex, Indices and Crypto updates

A pretty entertaining session, with plenty to talk about this Friday as we assessed the EUR/USD fallout of the ECB decision and looked ahead to today's US GDP release during the US session.

European session updates:

Technical analysis highlights being the setups playing out on EUR/USD and the DXY. USD/JPY saw some European session action too, with the BoJ ensuring the dip buyers were rewarded.

Are expectations too high? Are they set up to fail? The market positioning chat is an interesting one, but we aren't going to know until the number later.

Looking at the resistance level on the SP500 index and how high the USD is headed into GDP, there are opportunities to play into the release if you're that way inclined.

Also don't forget crypto, with the ETF rejection news potentially overblown. Bitcoin is still doing it's thing and pinging back.

Well that's my first week wrapped up on ForexLive. Thanks to everyone for reading and keeping me honest in the comments section. I hope I've added some value to your trading. It's certainly been fun for me.

Best of probabilities to you!