PARIS (MNI) – The French Treasury said Friday it will tap its 0.75%
September 2014 BTAN and its 1.75% February 2017 BTAN along with the
outdated 3.5% April 2015 OAT and the 3.25% April 2016 OAT for a total of
E7.0 billion to E8.0 billion at its regular monthly auction next
Wednesday at 9:00 GMT.

The Treasury will also offer E800 million to E1.2 billion of its
1.1% HICP-indexed OATei maturing in 2022, its 2.1% CPI-linked OATi
maturing in 2023 and its 1.85% 2027 OATei at a later auction the same
day at 9:50 GMT

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