What's on the board so far today

EUR/USD: 1.1795 (EUR 568m), 1.1825 (702m), 1.1900 (428m)

USD/JPY: 111.75 (USD 760m), 112.00 (598m), 112.30 (508m), 112.75 (916m)

GBP/USD: 1.3500 (GBP 316m), 1.3550 (254m)

USD/CAD: 1.2675 (USD 210m), 1.2700 (205m)

AUD/USD: 0.7550 (AUD 212m)

Not many large ones for the day. But we'll see if any of the levels may come into play as well as if there are more added to the board later on.