A quiet start to the session but now kicking into life 20 Sept

General USD sales as traders position/trim for tomorrow's Fed decision sees USDJPY test 101.50 support and EURUSD fly through 1.1200.

Talk of stop-losses triggered through 1.1180 and throw in a large option expiry at 1.1200 into the mix. Highs so far of 1.1213 but capping ahead of next tranche of sell orders around 1.1220

Update: 07.48 GMT - Also talk of EURCAD buying.

EURGBP forging higher to breach Asian highs and post 0.8588 which in turn is capping GBPUSD.

AUDUSD is also holding its own above 0.7550 and NZDUSD also enjoying the ride higher.

USDCAD dips below 1.3200 but is hanging on for the moment as oil stays on the back foot.

Order boards on their way.