The Greens and FDP are the 'kingmakers' of the election


German local media, Bild, has coined the above term for the two said parties as pretty much both the likely outcomes of the election will involve both parties.

I outlined those two outcomes last week in this post here.

While the Greens and FDP do not have much in common, the fate of the country's politics now rests in their hands and it will be up to the SPD and CDU/CSU to "court" them into forming a coalition to establish the next government.

As things stand, the projected results show a SPD victory with 25.7% of votes. Meanwhile, the CDU/CSU is estimated to have garnered 24.1% of votes - a historic low for the party. The Greens are third with 14.8% of votes and FDP has 11.5% of votes.