The virus situation in Germany remains at a key juncture


This brings the overall active cases across the country to ~16,549 - the most since 11 May. Another 3 deaths were reported, which brings the total tally to 9,280 persons.

Germany has been experiencing a modest increase in virus cases over the past few weeks and though testing has also increased, it's not necessarily a good sign considering that more hot spots are being identified. This is RKI's latest assessment from yesterday:

At the global and the national level, the situation is very dynamic and must be taken seriously. The number of cases continues to increase worldwide. The number of newly reported cases declined from mid-March until early July. Since then, case numbers have been steadily increasing with a clear acceleration in recent weeks. At the same time, the number of districts that have not reported any cases in the last 7 days is decreasing. There are larger and smaller outbreaks nationwide, especially in connection with celebrations in the circle of family and friends and at group events. Travel returnees, especially in the younger age groups, also contribute to the increase in the number of cases. Vaccines and anti-viral therapeutics are currently not available. The RKI currently assesses the risk to the health of the German population overall as high and as very high for risk groups. This assessment may change at short notice based on new insights.

Once again, just be mindful of the situation in case it starts to lead to more economic consequences i.e. delay in return to global travel or more localised restrictions as we are also seeing the daily case count rise in the likes of Spain and France too.