Hints of the 'weekend effect' kicking in again


Despite the low count on weekend days compared to the end of last week, RKI estimates the virus reproduction rate to be at 1.04 as of yesterday so once again we'll have to see how this number is managed over the coming days instead.

The 333 new cases sees the total confirmed cases rise to 181,815 with RKI estimating that ~165,900 persons have recovered from the disease.

Meanwhile, the 11 new deaths sees the total on that front rise to 8,511 persons.

The latest development in Germany is that there has been at least 160 people that are placed under quarantine in the city of Göttingen, after a series of private events sparked a new outbreak in the city where 35 persons have been infected so far.

Local authorities are said to still be looking for around 140 to 200 persons that have come into contact with the first degree of those infected by the virus.

Again, as much as the numbers look good, complacency is the real danger.

You can check out Germany and other countries' coronavirus data here.