Germany continues to adjust to the new normal


There doesn't seem to be a massive spike even after the weekend but local clusters are still popping up. The incident in Göttingen from two days ago have seen at least 68 persons infected now, with many close contacts still yet to be tested.

The district of Sonneberg is also reporting an outbreak in a nursing home, according to local media. But I guess as long as they are at manageable levels, it shouldn't spark massive and widespread concern across the nation just yet.

For now, these incidents will be handled on an isolated basis as such. This would seem to be the new normal as Germany learns to live with the virus.

RKI estimates the virus reproduction rate to be at 0.89 as of yesterday, so that is back below the key threshold of 1.00. The 7-day average is estimated at 0.87.

As the numbers start to settle down a little over the past two weeks, I'll maintain the daily updates only if there is anything relevant. As things stand, the latest developments aren't going to put off the German government from reopening the economy further.

As such, Europe's biggest economy looks to be getting back on track to start the summer.

You can check out Germany and other countries' coronavirus data here.